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Holy Shit!

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

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Babies first words:’s+first+words

Is Dumb-Blond Redundant?

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


Dumb blonde sterotypes:


Terrorism, Ebola, And America’s Response

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


After 911, 2001, I wrote this analogy:

“If a few maniacs broke into your home and murdered some of your family members, what would you do?  Would you grab your gun and go chasing after them through rotten, unfamiliar neighborhoods as they keep moving street to street with the help of their friends?  Or would you secure and protect your own home against future invasions?  What makes sense to you?”

After 911, Bush declared a “War on Terrorism” which was stupid, costly to America (6000+troop deaths & $6+Trillion,) and is a failure. Obama pushed this same crap for 6-years.  Worse, the protection of our own nation is badly jeoporadized because most of our defense dollars are still being dumped in Mideast sand.

I see the same stupid mistakes being made today on the spread of ebola.

Our first priority must be the safety of every US citizen.  Our borders must be closed and each point of entry into America should have a high tech,  monitoring procedure. You leave the country at your own risk of a simple return. Don’t like it?  Then stay home or risk living in quarantine for 21-days when you come back. You can’t put peoples’ lives at risk so you can go on wild African safaries. Our number one medical priority must be an intensive drive to develop a vaccine against this deadly disease to protect our own people first.

I know there’s no need to panic – but there is an urgent need to recognize the threat, educate everyone about it, and then take some serious action against it. The fact that we’re not stopping a simple virus from our borders should give us an indication we couldn’t stop a terrorist  biological attack.  And we can’t do that  because we’re too busy playing wacko whack-a-mole overseas.

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Ebola updates: