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Why Can’t We All Just Search For Tomorrow?

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

The worst thing about starting kindergarten for me was not being able to sit on the ‘sofa’ with my Mom for 15 minutes every weekday around noon to watch “Search for Tomorrow.” I felt bad about that. I’m sure she did too.

“Search for Tomorrow” was one of the longest running soap operas on American television. It started airing on Monday, September 3, 1951 and continued until the final episode on Friday, December 26, 1986. That’s over 35-years – 9,130 episodes.

And what were the final lines – on the final show – on that day after Christmas, 1986? “Joanne Tate” the show’s star for its entire run, is asked, “What are you searching for, Joanne?” Her reply? “Tomorrow.” (MUSIC UP- FADE TO BLACK FOREVER).

It hardly seemed worth the wait. But nothing is only what it seems. I’ll never think about that dumb show without thinking of sitting on our sofa with my Mom over a half-century ago.

Search for Tomorrow:

And Now The E Stands For Ebola

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

bra Looking for that perfect gift for the Ms.? You know the one that’s sexy but not slutty?  Romantic but still practical?  Have we got an idea for you!  From their web page:

“The Emergency Bra (EBra) is a protective garment that can be easily transformed into two respiratory face masks to reduce inhalation of harmful airborne particles when specialized protective devices are not immediately available after natural disasters, attacks,  or epidemics.”

“The EBra is like any other conventional bra in terms of its main function which is to support the breasts. It can be worn regular, strapless, or criss-cross and also can be used as a nursing bra.  The EBra comes with an instructional brochure.”

Think of it! As those around her are coughing as they’re exposed to ebola,  your special lady will whip off her bra, put a cup over her face, and think of what a wonderful lover she has!  Only $29.99 US