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We Have A Little Problem Here, Mr. Morgan

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

jp morgan +midget

J.P. Morgan Jr. was testifying before a Congressional committee investigating the causes of the 1929 stock market crash. Morgan was forced to disclose his bank’s questionable business practices, such as excessive compensation and failure to pay income taxes. The hearings resulted in a major overhaul of the Securities & Exchange Commission.

To add to the circus-like atmosphere, a midget was plopped in Morgan’s lap at the end of the proceedings to the delight of the press and the consternation of J.P.

Bankers testifying before Congress 1933:

Better A Hard Liar Than A Soft Porn Star

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Cortland County, NY, District Attorney Mark Suben was outraged! His election opponents accused him of being in pornographic movies in the 1970′s and he adamantly denied it.

Two weeks later he was re-elected.  A few days after that, Suben admitted he lied and denied the story just long enough to win re-election.  He said he used “bad judgment” – not in lying – but in acting in porn films when he was young. The Syracuse, New York media identified him as the actor “Gus Thomas” who performed in at least a dozen pornographic movies.

One of his forgettable on-screen performances was in “The Devil’s Due,” in which he played a satanic cult leader who tricked women into bondage sex. Among his lines: “I am the all-powerful! The spirit of Satan flows through my shaft!” and “You must kiss the cock of Satan!” Pretty strong stuff for a DA.

At one point in the film, the heroine screams at him, “You’re as powerful as your prick. Which is very little.” Ouch.

“The Devil’s Due” was not nominated for an Academy Award.  During his public confession Suben admitted he lied to win re-election and now doesn’t know what to do.

Hey buddy – don’t worry about it. The American voter is used to getting fucked by people like you.



Sorry To Inconvenience You, Kid

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Sleeping Student

In my city, over 50% of the students who begin high school do not graduate.  I don’t think letting them sleep longer in the morning will make much of a difference.

“Your teenager wants to sleep later and now his doctor agrees. Middle and high school students shouldn’t have to start school until 8:30 in the morning or later, the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

“The research is clear that adolescents who get enough sleep have a reduced risk of being overweight or suffering depression, are less likely to be involved in automobile accidents, and have better grades, higher standardized test scores and an overall better quality of life,” says Dr. Judith Owens, director of sleep medicine at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, who led the team that wrote the group’s policy statement on the issue.

Studies have shown that delaying early school start times is one key factor that can help adolescents get the sleep they need to grow and learn.”

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