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Military Masturbation

Thursday, August 14th, 2014


The Air Force Thunderbirds came roaring into town and I wish military spending  cuts went deep enough to can this public relations sideshow.  I really don’t care about the noise, the pollution, the military-industrial worship, scaring Wednesday the Cat, nor the jingoistic chest-thumping.  I’m just pissed about the cost for this horseshit.  Fuel costs are over $50-Million dollars PER YEAR and I don’t think they throw in the planes for free. 

Of course this does not include costs for the Blue Angels, the Army bands, and the whole circus of Defense Department attractions.  I guess they’re designed to make us feel all warm and runny about America’s military might but they just don’t ring my chimes. Why don’t we put this show on for ISIS-animals and throw in some deadly, bombing fireworks for free?

North Korea does this whole military jerk-off thing better and it’s a lot funnier. North Korean Army GETTIN’ DOWN:

Uncommon Scents

Thursday, August 14th, 2014


THE STRIPPER CANDLE — “It’s a candle and an alibi all in one! You don’t smell like a stripper, you just smell like a candle.

This is our favorite candle. After hundreds of hours of research and a lot of dollar bills we succeeded in capturing the legendary stripper scent. If you don’t know what a stripper smells like just imagine the perfume counter at your local department store times a thousand… plus some baby powder. This is a perfect gift for your favorite bachelor, groomsmen, or retired stripper who misses her pole.”

$12.95 @ HOTWICKS: 

Additional candles: Bacon Candle, Beer Candle, Campfire Candle, Popcorn Candle plus many more.


‘No, Not Pot’ Nits Know Not

Thursday, August 14th, 2014


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“New survey data from Colorado indicate that marijuana legalization so far has not led to an increase in pot smoking by teenagers. In the 2013 Healthy Kids Colorado survey, 37 percent of high school students reported that they had ever tried marijuana, down from 39 percent in 2011. The percentage who reported using marijuana in the previous month also declined, from 22 percent in 2011 to 20 percent in 2013.

The state Department of Public Health and Environment says those decreases are not statistically significant. But they are part of a general downward trend in Colorado that has continued despite the legalization of medical marijuana in 2001, the commercialization of medical marijuana in 2009, and the legalization of recreational use (this year.)”

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Cloud Clash

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

cloud  fight

The Cloud Appreciation Society: