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Cows Love Jazz

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Warms My Friggin’ Heart

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

eric tattoo

I know I’m just an old romantic, but love conquers all, doesn’t it?

Ms. Erica Herrera plans to marry Curtis Allgier, even though he’s a white supremacist murderer and she’s not white.

Ms. Herrera says Curtis is not really a white racist despite the Iron Cross, swastikas, and white supremacist symbols tattooed on his face.  He really doesn’t mean it, she says, everyone in prison has them.  Besides, if he did believe in white power, why would he have agreed to marry her?

Anyway, Allgier is a lifelong white supremacist skinhead who was written up by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He says he was born into a skinhead family and “raised that way.”

If he ever leaves prison, the best for which Curtis can hope is a spot on the Maury Povitch show with his bride-to-be.  And Curtis, about that job interview…..

Does Kanisha Have More Sex Than Tiffany?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Simply, no. Many studies show the rate of sexual intercourse by black and white teenage girls between the ages of 14-19 is statistically insignificant.* The BIG difference is that young African-American girls get pregnant more often and keep their babies without being married. Why?

The answers are complicated.  They include social, cultural, and psychological differences.  Among these (obviously generalizing):

• The “dream map” of white, middle class girls is: finish school, get a job, meet a good guy for a big wedding, have children, and then buy a nice house. Black girls’ dreams – especially those from lower class backgrounds – are much different and not nearly as grand.

• Because their long term goals of an education and career aren’t realistically as strong as white girls’, a pregnancy does not necessarily interfere.

• Since black people don’t live as long whites (by about 10-years,) girls are encouraged to “hurry” the child process along – often by mothers and grandmothers who want to see their offspring.

• No girl wants to marry a guy who is uneducated, unemployed, and may spend years being incarcerated.  Black girls have a much smaller husband pool.

The list goes on and is even more complicated.  But when people like Maury Povitch and Bill Cosby say, “just cross your legs,” their advice sounds naive and stupid. It’s like telling overweight people to “just eat less” without understanding how they got fat in the first place.

Hundreds of years later, America is still paying the price of slavery.  It’s like future generations of your children paying off the huge national debt WE created.  Of course it’s not fair.


* African American Families Today – Myths and Realities; Hattery and Smith


Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

self portrait

I occasionally get a request for a picture.  I saw my reflection in a painting this morning so I brought my camera over and pushed the button. Does it count as a “selfie?”