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Celebrities Who No Longer Care

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Cybil Sheppard

Cybill Sheppard

Flaming Assholes

Monday, August 4th, 2014


There’s a new fad that’s creating a firestorm across the internet: “The Fire Challenge.”  Kids are challenging each other to put a flammable liquid on their bodies, light it, and then try to put the fire out before it burns them. The results, of course, are posted on YouTube. I was going to name this post “Culling of the Herd” but that seemed a little harsh.

There have been many reports of serious burns across the US; one involved a young girl from my city in Upstate New York.  YouTube is trying to block these dangerous posts with mixed success.  You may or may not catch the game on this link:

Wood Carving …

Monday, August 4th, 2014


… like they never taught us in Boy Scouts.

I’d Pray For Cheaper Ice Tea

Monday, August 4th, 2014


There’s a diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Diner which will give you a 15-% discount if you publicly pray and offer thanks to God before you start munching your cheeseburger.

Mary’s Gourmet Diner confirmed that they do offer a discount to some customers if they pray before their meal.

“This could be prayer or just a moment to breathe and push the busyness of the world away. Who you talk to or meditate on etc. is your business,” a spokesperson said.

It’s supposed to be “random” but I wouldn’t count on the discount if you are Muslim or an American Indian in a headdress chanting.



Meet Robert Wash

Monday, August 4th, 2014

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