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The ONLY Option America Won’t Consider:

Saturday, June 14th, 2014


“Trade with any country; war with no country which does not attack us.

Both the right-wing and left-wing wackos are gearing up for the Sunday morning blab-point, discussion shows. ‘Meet The Press’ and the rest are chasing US foreign-policy making guests like horny college boys going after drunk bikinis on spring break.  The only topic will be “What Should The US Do Now in Iraq?” – after the inevitable failure to our costliest military disaster since Vietnam.  And the preview to our defeat in Afghanistan.

No one will mention the obvious:  it’s time to directly protect America – our country – instead of chasing turban-headed maniacs all over the desert wasteland of the Mideast. America still has the idea we can determine the fate of any country we deem is “in our interest.”  We can’t – and the cost of that illusion is devastating our economy (except for the banking/military/industrial complex) and our moral compass.

And if there are any people who think I  take pleasure in these American war failures which I predicted long ago, they can go fuck themselves.

Whom Are We Fighting in Iraq?

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Isn’t it strange you don’t know which Muslim side we’re on after a decade of war?  Muslims have been warring for 2000 years and they don’t need America to help them kill each other.


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