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Put Lipstick On A Pig And It’s Still A Pig

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Russian answer to freedom of speech. Security thugs needed whips and clubs to beat down a Pussy Riot protest at the Olympics.
See video here.

(This post is NOT directed at my Russian readers but at their government which is terrified of freedom.)

Russia, what the hell are you doing?

You just spent $50-Billion dollars on an Olympics that showed the world Russia is not the same old USSR that could be symbolized by former Premier Nikita Khrushchev  pounding his shoe on the table and the Berlin Wall. Today the Olympics  seems like a wicked waste of rubles.

The Ukrainian people are angry at the power and the excessive decadence of their leaders.  Why would you support and prop up with troops such a lousy regime? It’s not the Cold War any more, Ivan.

How will history remember you, Putin? As a heavy-handed Communist thug?  Or as a leader with vision who knows Russia is much better today than it was – and could be even greater with more freedom and openness?

You can take the man out of the KGB – but let’s hope you can take the KGB out of the man.

Do You Smell Like Yourself ?

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Swallowable Parfum is a pill that turns your skin into a natural atomiser by transforming your perspiration into a fragrance. And since we’re all genetically unique, your scented sweat will take on the individual characteristic of you.  Great idea but not yet widely available in stores.

Amaze Babies!

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

I Miss Technicolor

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

No Vital Organs Hit

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Dante Autillo shot a nail into his head and barely noticed. The 32-year old woodworker from Oakland Park Illinois, was in his shop when he accidentally scratched his head with his nail gun and fired the 5 and 1/2” projectile into his skull.

Thinking he cut his scalp,  Dante went into the house where his fiancé Gail Glaenzer cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide.  He then went about his business even shoveling snow!  The next day, however, the woodworker felt nauseated so Gail insisted he have the wound checked at an emergency room.

After a quick x-ray, doctors were horrified to see the clear picture of a nail over 5-inches long embedded in the man’s brain.  They immediately made arrangements with a larger hospital to perform emergency surgery. Still, Dante never lost consciousness nor felt any unusual pain.  In fact, on the ambulance ride to the second hospital, he posted the picture above to his Facebook account so his friends could see his “brainchild.”

After a two-hour operation, Dante remained in satisfactory condition.  He made a necklace out of his removed nail.

There are some people who say Dante may not be the smartest guy in the world – but when it comes to brains, I say he nailed it.