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Her Face Won’t Be On A Cereal Box

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Russian President Putin visits Olympic skier Maria Komissarova after her horrific crash during a training run for the ski cross competition. She broke her back, injured her spine, and remains in critical condition.

Am I the only one nervous about the Olympics? I don’t mean terrorist attacks – I’m talking about severe injuries and possible deaths of the athletes.

Of course it will happen one day.  People can’t jump from the equivalent of a 6- or 7- story building flipping and twisting and then land safely every time.  Especially when they’re trying to go faster, higher, and with more tricks than anyone else.  Tragedy is going to happen – it’s only a question of ‘when.’

Athletes give years of their lives to qualify for the Olympics.  Personal goals, love for their country and team, and a chance to make history are the stated reasons.  But let’s not pretend competitors are not aware of the awards they can get if they win medals. The endorsements, appearances, and merchandising could let them live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

As noble as they are, the Olympics are about money – big money.  NBC paid almost a $1-Billion-dollars to be the chief sponsor of the 2014 games. They’ve already sold 11,000 commercial spots at about $100,000 apiece and that’s just the beginning.

If one of these bright, talented kids dies in the Olympics, I’ll feel very sad.  But not nearly as sad as I feel when some innocent kid just going to the market – gets killed by mistake in a drone attack.

Few Trick Or Treaters Come Here

Thursday, February 20th, 2014