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Pubic Toupees

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

A few centuries ago, prostitutes didn’t have it so good. Unfortunately, the world’s oldest profession was rife with some of the world’s oldest parasites: lice.  To stop the itching and prevent reinfestation,  working women had to shave their nether regions.

This was not necessarily good for business because a lack of pubes also exposed the marks of venereal disease and genital warts (getting excited yet?)

Enter the merkin, a false crop of pubic hair made from animal fur or human hair, trimmed to fit, and glued on.  As sexual hygiene improved and drugs were discovered to treat sexually transmitted- diseases, the demand for merkins dried up.

Today merkins are still around for three main reasons: 1) sexual novelties, 2) penis coverings for transsexuals, and 3) to get around the contracts of some Hollywood actresses which stipulate their genitalia must not be filmed.

A historical footnote: At times, President  Lyndon Baines Johnson seemed to believe he actually was a merkin!  Many of his speeches started, “Mah fellow ‘merkins…..”

Skanky People On Their Sleaziest Days

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Those of us who float in middle class respectability are usually spared the disgusting stories of police blotters. The reports, mug shots, and crime scene photos of repugnant incidents and repulsive acts just don’t fit into our main stream media. Fortunately.

Drinks Drug Tea – Dismembers Friend

Teacher Fired After Sex and Drug Tweets

Grandmother Gives Birth to Grandson
Run Downs Waitress Over Bill

There are many people, however, drawn to the macabre, bizarre, and gruesome.  Often they click on “The Weekly Vice” to satisfy their lust for the loathsome.  This reassures some of us that we’re not all that bad.  You may say, “Well, I did throw a cup of hot coffee at my boyfriend’s face – but at least I didn’t chop off his head and roll it down the street!”

Wow! What Buttons Did HE Push?

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014