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Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

No Ms. Hilton, You Can’t Walk …

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

through the electronic scanner again.

When Donald Duck Was A Nazi

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Propaganda is one of the powerful weapons of war. It’s use is more sophisticated today but the purpose is the same: show the “enemy” as evil and trying to destroy the American way of life. Right now spin masters have created so many “Muslim terrorists” in our minds, we easily justify the $TRILLIONS of dollars we spend on 2-twelve year wars we cannot win.

It all made more sense in WWII when the Germans and Japanese were REALLY threatening our country and the American people had to be galvanized to meet this very real challenge.  Hollywood helped the war department – and the Walt Disney Studio was a big part of Hollywood.  You can see some of the results – including the Donald/Nazi cartoon here. (Then type ‘Nazi’ in the search box.)

MessyNessyChic is one of my favorite websites.

Let Miley Ball On Your Tree

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

I’ll bet Miley thought of this Christmas ornament the moment she starting swinging on her wrecking ball naked.  There are a number of Miley Cyrus Christmas ornaments on this site.  The best idea is to slip one on your old Aunt’s decorated tree while she’s in the kitchen getting you holiday cookies.

This year, deck the halls with balls of Miley!

Ali’s “Father” – Gorgeous George

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Except for me, just about everyone I knew hated Muhammad Ali. He was loud, conceited, and obnoxious.  While the good “colored” boxers like Floyd Patterson spoke quietly and acted like gentlemen, Ali was jumping around the ring screaming “I AM the GREATEST!” I figured he was just acting.

He learned the act from wrestler George Wagner.

George was a mediocre wrestler in the dull 1950’s.  Although fixed even then, wrestling matches basically consisted  of two heavy guys in black briefs sweating from rolling around on the mat.  Arenas were half empty.  Then along came “Gorgeous George” to brighten things up.  He became a “cheating, dirty villain.”

People started coming through the turnstiles just to see him get his ass kicked.  And if he did lose (rarely) he’d cry, complain, and say the other guy cheated and should be disqualified! The “perfect” sore loser.

George was an anathema to wrestling fans,  He dyed his hair blond, wore a glitzy-elegant robe, had his own valet, and told referees to “keep your filthy hands off me.” George started acting effeminate in an age when gay people were officially deemed “sexual psychopaths.”

Thousands of fans filled the auditoriums with their hatred – and their money – just to see him get beaten.  And Gorgeous George (like Liberace) cried all the way to the bank.