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A Bow To Katy Perry

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Katy Perry performed at Sunday night’s American Music Awards and wore a traditional Japanese dress during her show-starting performance of “Unconditionally.” Reviewers said the number was “a whirling production awash with colors and movements before Perry disappeared in a puff of smoke.” Fantastic!

Of course the usual turds in the punchbowl claimed her costume was “racist” not knowing that Perry loves the Japanese culture and wanted to honor her interest in it.  Sometimes being politically correct is OK – and sometimes I just want to say, “Oh – bite me.”

No Retakes

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

In 1926, “The General,” starring Buster Keaton, featured a train wreck. At that time it was the most expensive scene ever filmed. It cost $42,000 – about $500,000 in today’s dollars.  Hundreds of local Oregon townspeople gathered to see the scene shot.  Some screamed thinking the dummy conductor was a live man.

“The General” flopped at the box office.  People wouldn’t pay a nickel to see a train wreck and critics thought the rest of the movie crashed as well.

US Ministry Of Propaganda Protests

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

"Keep smiling you son-of-a-bitch ..."

The mainstream media in America is the propaganda branch of our government. It lulls us into believing that things are getting better in the economy, the wars, and Obamacare – and Obama is basically doing a good job. Most of the  media people know this is horseshit. For years they’ve been guilty enablers helping keep vacuous smiles on the faces of clueless Americans.

Until now.

Now in an extraordinary letter, mainstreamers like USA Today and 40-other media outlets (!) are saying they will no longer publish White House photos as a protest to restrictions on a free press. The letter said closing the door to the press gets in the way of “the public’s ability to independently monitor and see what its government is doing.”

Here’s an example: say Presidents Karzai of Afghanistan and Obama have a contentious, name-calling, hair-pulling meeting about troop withdrawal.  Of course no media reps were in the room and after the boys clean up, they pose before  official White House photographer, Pete Souza, smiling and shaking hands.  The WH has already given out a written statement – composed before they met – talking about a “firm but productive meeting.”  This preprocessed pablum is then what the American public sees as news.

Transparency in government?  That’s a good one!

You can read about the media protest here.

In a hilarious update to this story, the White House  just released this photo of how much access the press has to Obama.  Hmmm – when was this taken and what important legislation was he signing?  Keep on believin’ America!

"No questions please."