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Doppler? I Don’t Even Know Her!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

I don’t like Doppler radar and I’m not amused by the  the bizarre, flashing maps and flailing isobars. I don’t  like fronts when they dance across the screen in time-enhanced, color cartoons.  This is Rochester, New York and we get snow storms every year – EVERY YEAR – count on it!  But people still talk and walk (and DRIVE) like they just got off the boat from Egypt.

Another “Storm of the Century” is predicted for the Northeastern United States tonight and everyone is in a tizzy.  We get these about once each year and the weather-feathers started whipping people into a froth two or three days ago: “Lotsa big weather coming! No unnecessary travel.  Watch for cancellations and delays! Hide your kids! Stay tuned!”

Meteorologists are jumping around in front of maps – all grim – with their jackets off to show how hard they’re working to save us from mad weather.   And all the old people rush to grocery stores and stock up like the storm might last 6-weeks. I was in a store today and herds of panicked, wrinkled shoppers were crashing their carts into each other.

When we were an agricultural society, weather reports made sense because farmers could plan their days accordingly. Today the weather is just a hyped, cheap-to-produce stepchild of local news. ANYTHING out of the ordinary is a viewer bonanza but there’s less there than meets the eye.

I could do the friggin’ weather  in about 10-seconds. Here goes:

“The National Weather Service says there’s about a 50% chance of snow tonight. So flip a coin and and good luck to ya. Back to you, Nikki.”

Hilly Troops Getting Ready For 2016

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013



Yes Virginia, There Is A Braille Playboy

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

And there has been since 1970. Playboys are translated into Braille at the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)  which puts out transcribed versions of magazines, books and other materials.  There is no centerfold.

This makes sense to me because of the articles – but I am still baffled as to why Braille is on ATM car drive-up windows.  At first I thought it was probably because manufacturers didn’t want to make two different types of keyboards.  I now know, however, it’s required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The idea is that if a blind person is driven to an ATM, he can use the machine without disclosing his PIN number. Both ideas seem valid so I’m not going to worry about it anymore I guess.

But I’m still hung up on clicking my pin into an ATM. When XXXX appears on the screen, it asks “Is this your PIN number?”  Of course that’s not my pin but I have to say ‘yes’ or the machine spits out my card.

A Woody For My Blog’s 6th Anniversary

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Nice wood carvings.

Wood is the modern gift for celebrating 6th anniversaries. I’m a little surprised my blog has lasted this long – most die in a few months – but I’m very happy about it.  I have a lot of fun with “Everyone … ”  and I get to throw some of my social commentary into this barrel of bullshit.

This year I was honored again with the prestigious “BEST BLOG EVER” award.  It’s voted on annually by my two cats, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I usually poll them right before dinner.

“Everyone … ” has 3600 ‘Subscribers.’  I never use their e-dress’s in any way – but anyone can write  to me at . I won’t publish your remarks unless you want me to. The total number of hits is now 1,545,656.  Not exactly Disney numbers but not bad for just some nit who loves writing and playing.  If you enjoy it here, you can tell your friends to visit

“Everyone … ” tries to make you smile and think.  If I can do both at the same time (rarely) – it’s a perfect post. Thanks for letting me on your screen.

Frank Paolo