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Their Future Doesn’t Look So Bright Either

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

“She’s Alive, Franco!”

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Jake loved his old dog, Heidi, as much as I loved Sunday the Cat. N was a new friend with whom I was trying to share some benefits. I was photographing her before we went out for dinner.

The phone rang. It was Jake crying drunk and slurring, “We had to put Heidi down today, Franco – she was suffering so much. It’s killing me! A few of us are at the bar having a drink to her memory; I brought in some pictures. Can you come over?”

N stayed in the apartment as I went to Heidi’s “Memorial”. Of course Jake was a mess telling Heidi stories and showing her pictures. I bought a round or two and left in about an hour.

After a long, enjoyable dinner, N and I came back and the answer machine light was flashing. I hit ‘play’ and immediately heard a very drunken Jake.

“Franco! HEIDI’S ALIVE! She’s alive, Franco! What a dog! Franco – HEIDI’S ALIVE!” Click. N and I stared at each other. Uh-oh. Seemed Jake took the 10:10 to Crazyville. It was too late to call back but too weird not to. Jake’s wife answered. “He’s passed out, Franco.” Then she told me the ‘real’ story. It wasn’t even half as good as the one I imagined – they never are.

Jake and Wife took Heidi to the vet’s to be put down. Both were distraught but Jake was worse – much worse. So Wife told him to say good-bye and she would stay with Heidi. Jake left – she broke down. Vet decided neither was ready yet and he gave the dog something to make her more comfortable for a few days. When Wife brought Heidi home, Jake wasn’t there so she waited and fell asleep.

One can only wonder what Jake’s reaction was when he stumbled home drunk and saw Heidi coming to the door to greet him.  Well, one doesn’t have to wonder – he called me.

The Buffalo Bills Are Winning!

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


See Here.

So Who DID Kill JFK?

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

1. The names of the two hired, professional killers are not nearly as important as the ‘black-ops’ assassination team and those who  hired them for the actual murder.  Within an hour or so after the murder, the killers were flown from a small, Texas airfield to Mexico City on a private plane.  The rest of the team divided up and left Dallas within hours – except for team member Lee Oswald who was just learning his new role as a patsy.

2. The assassination team was assembled months before Kennedy was killed. It was a small group hired, organized, and directed by a squad leader. They all had previous “black bag” experience and met with each other on an ‘as needed’ planning basis long before the murder.

Guy Bannister

3.  The squad’s leader was Guy Bannister, former FBI Chief in Chicago, who then retired and ran a private detective agency in New Orleans. He also was a vitriolic Kennedy hater.  Some of those he brought together worked before in intelligence agencies; others in the militant anti-Castro forces. They all hated “traitor” Kennedy because he was trying to establish better relations with Russia and Cuba.

The CIA often hired contractors not tracable to the agency.

4. Black bag operations are covert, spying projects which can include audio and video surveillance, lock picking, identification forgeries, media misinformation, patsy set-ups, local reporting, and, assassinations.  The paid freelancer  teams have extensive intelligence experience.  Often they’ve had military training although they aren’t officially on active duty.

There are thousands of contract operatives throughout the world. They conduct highly-classified projects alone or in teams in ways that cannot be traced back to those who hired them.  Some contractors are highly patriotic, some have a “cause,” and others just work for the money.

5. Most Americans don’t know that besides the CIA, every branch of the US military has intelligence operations.  They are not coordinated and often don’t know what the other branches are involved in.

Lee Harvey Oswald

6. Lee Harvey Oswald was probably in Army intelligence or at least worked for it. Obviously most soldiers did not learn to speak Russian and defect to that country (and back again!) during the Cold War.  Oswald’s “cover” was as a Communist sympathizer who strongly supported Cuba. The conspirators believed that when Americans learned of his pro-communist activities after JFK was shot, they would hate Russia and Cuba even more.

7. Every part of the assassination plot that unfolded in Dallas that day – from weapons to the patsy setup to Oswald’s murder – was a highly-secret, well-planned operation.  Similar operations were planned and successfully carried out in the Congo, the Dominican Republic, and South Vietnam.

Carlos Marcello

8. The people who gave the assassination order to Guy Bannister were top members of the Mafia. They were Carlos Marcello, head of the New Orleans crime family, Santos Traffacante of Miami, and Joseph Civillo of Dallas.  Together they controlled nearly all of the South’s gambling, prostitution, horse betting, police-fixing, and drug trafficking.  Along with the CIA, they also partnered in the operations to kill Castro.

Robert Kennedy

9. Why did the Mob want Kennedy dead?  Attorney General Robert Kennedy was nearly destroying the $BILLION-DOLLAR Marcello machine from 1961 – 1963.  At that time, literally hundreds of charges, arrests, indictments, cases, and investigations were brought before the Justice Department against the Mafia.  STOPPING THESE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ATTACKS ON THE MAFIA was the true motive for the assassination.

J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ

During that time, Marcello’s illegal business activities were cut nearly in half and the vital heroin link between Mexico City and the nationwide Dallas distribution center was almost decimated.  After the assassination, all of the legal activity  started by Bobby Kennedy was cut by at least 75% because he was in shock.  J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ did not want those investigations and legal assaults to continue for their own reasons.

The Mafia put up the money for the assassination and ordered Guy Bannister to hire a paramilitary group to carry it out.  The assassination team probably had only 8 or 10-men plus the 2-international hired killers.

Jack Ruby

10. Oswald the patsy probably had only a  few duties on the team and didn’t know what the other operatives were doing.  He was killed by Jack Ruby, the Mob’s “handler” of the Dallas Police Department.

Incredibly, the Warren  Commission found “no connection” between Jack Ruby and organized crime.  What horseshit!  Ruby was a Chicago gangster who opened two strip clubs and a prostitution ring in Dallas in the late 1950’s. How could he have done that without mob support?

Interestingly, Ruby was a friend of Joe Civello, head of the Texas syndicate.  On the night before the assassination, Civillo and Ruby had dinner together in a public restaurant. Civello was Ruby’s first visitor in the Dallas jail after Ruby murdered Oswald.  I wonder what the Warren Commission thought they talked about?

Are there gaps in this theory?  Of course.  But I am convinced it’s much more accurate than the Warren Commission’s fairy tale.