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Human ‘Culling Of The Herd’

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Natural selection occurs when the weakest  or least capable of a group is killed off for the higher quality of the herd.

Who knew fans would get a  lesson in this scientific principle at a Buffalo Bills football game last Sunday afternoon? A young, drunken dolt tried to slide down the concrete railing on the 3rd level, flipped over, and landed about 30-feet below on another fan. Neither was seriously injured.

Not afraid of falling but that landing was a bitch.

When the skydiving slider was bandaged into a mobile stretcher on his way to an ambulance, he gave the crowd a thumbs-up.  The fans booed.  The nitwit was later banned for life from the stadium and may face ‘Being Stupid’ charges.

‘Slide and drop’ stories and video here.

206 Bones In Her Body – Wants 1 More

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Organized Parsley Wars

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

If you go to dinner in an up-scale Manhattan restaurant, you’ll be surrounded by elegant Mafia ambience. The china and silverware come from mob-connected restaurant supply companies.  The linen will be laundered by favored dry cleaners.  The wait staff and bartenders are unionized with a cut going to the syndicate.  All of the food, flowers, and liquor are delivered by trucks driven by Teamsters.  The city workers who inspect the place and pick up the trash get a little bonus too.  And even your FDA choice steak is resting on top of a bed of mob parsley.

Mob Parsley?

Think of all the virtually-unnoticed parsley that passes through restaurants, diners, and bars.  It’s everywhere!  Garnishing food, floating in drinks, pestering pesto, and sliding through sauce.  New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin said there’s so much parsley, restaurants were “serving meals that appeared to be growing lawns.”

The reason?  The Mob has a virtual monopoly on the commercial parsley business in New York City. In fact many top restaurants have a “quota” of how much they must order.  When one  owner tried to reduce his quota by picking it off diners’ plates and rewashing it, he was visited by a few guys who quickly made him a fresh parsley lover.

Don’t think of this as bad.  Think of it as the Mafia’s contribution to the Green Movement.