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Friday, November 15th, 2013

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Friday, November 15th, 2013


Friday, November 15th, 2013

Please notice I did not say Lee Oswald was innocent. I think he did play some role in the conspiracy to murder John Kennedy in addition to his starring role as a patsy – see here. But had Oswald lived, it would have been very difficult to convict him under our American system of justice.  Consider:

• After his arrest, Oswald was interrogated for over 12-hours by Dallas Police WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY. He asked from the beginning for a lawyer and continued to say his rights had been violated.

• Incredibly NO NOTES NOR TAPE RECORDINGS WERE TAKEN during these interrogations although it was common practice to do so.

• The “EVIDENCE” against Oswald was mishandled, manipulated, and, in some cases, lost.  Within a few hours of the assassination, J.Edgar Hoover of the FBI demanded all evidence in the case be shipped to Washington.  This was completely illegal since killing a president was not then a Federal crime.  Technically it was just a murder case in Texas – now without evidence.

• There was NO CONSISTENCY IN THE EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY of the killing.  It seems everyone in Dealy Plaza had his own version of how many shots were fired and from where they came.  A Defense lawyer would have made mincemeat of this aspect of the case against Oswald.

• The Dallas Police Chief and the District Attorney made prejudicial statements against Oswald including the case was ‘CINCHED” and a “SLAM DUNK.”

• Oswald was continually PARADED BEFORE THE MEDIA and, at one point, even held a PRESS CONFERENCE where he repeatedly declared his innocence.

• JFK’s AUTOPSY would have been thrown out of court because the autopsy doctors were told how they should conduct it – against accepted pathology practices – by military brass and representatives of the Kennedy family.

There are at least a dozen more reasons such as these that would have killed the state’s case against the alleged assassin.  But Jack Ruby conveniently killed Oswald first.