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The Missing Dollar

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Three college kids needed a room for the night, so they go to a cheap hotel. They only had three ten dollar bills between them so the clerk reluctantly agrees to rent them a room for $30.

After they get the room, they notice the dive has no hot water. One angrily calls the front desk to complain. The clerk agrees to refund $5 for the inconvenience and says he’ll send up the bellman with the refund. He gives a $5-dollar bill to the bellman and tells him to take it to the kids’ room.

The bellman knows he won’t get a tip if he gives the guys the five dollar bill. So he puts the five in his pocket, takes out five singles, and knocks on the door.

The kid who answers the door immediately realizes that if he gives the bellman a one dollar tip, there will be a dollar left over after he takes his refund and gives his two roommates theirs. He quickly decides to give the bellman a two dollar tip.

After giving each of his roommates a dollar, and keeping one for himself, he becomes a little confused. He reasons that each of them originally paid $10 for the room and received a dollar refund so, in reality, each of the guys paid $9 for the room. He knows the bellman gave him five singles and got back two as a tip.

Now he’s got a problem. 3 X $ 9 = $ 27. And the bellman got $2. $27 + $2 = $29. The kid KNOWS they started out with $30 – so where’s the missing dollar?

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