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The Outspoken Token

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

I know people who want Hillary Clinton to be President. I also know people who believe there is a worldwide Muslim conspiracy including secret handshakes and Barrack Obama.  In other words, I know nuts falling from all over the political tree.

I dislike Hilly for many reasons.  From her hawk-like screeches on Libya, Egypt, and Syria, to moving to New York and running for Senator as a short stepping stone to President in 2008.  When she lost that quest in the Democratic primary, she threw the hissiest, little nit-snit since Monica Lewinsky got dumped by Bill.

To shut her up and deliver “women votes” – Obama promised he’d make her Secretary of State if he got elected.  That was based on her extensive experience of being driven back and forth in front of the UN building when she was a New York Senator.

Sometimes I ask my women friends why they want Hilly to be President? What distinct liberal policies set her apart from a Biden, Kerry, or even a Christie?  The usual response? “It would be good to have the first woman President in American history.”

Why?  Haven’t we had enough tokens in the last two elections to take us on the fast subway to nowhere?  Do we really need the same old traditional politics that’s broken America with petty wars and crony capitalism?

Despicable, cold-war politicians have gotten this country into the mess we’re in and it doesn’t matter if they wore pants, suits, or pantsuits.

We found it necessary to eliminate Mr. Bond.