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Kerry’s On His Knees In Kabal

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Kabul, Afghanistan today to beg President Hamid Karzai to let us keep our troops in his country after 2014. What’s that you say?  Didn’t Obama promise to end the US combat mission there by the end of next year?  Silly – you really didn’t believe that horseshit did you?

Obama begged Iraq to let us keep “just” 10-or 20-thousand troops in that country past the end of 2011.  Iraq refused.  President Peace Prize then had the balls to tell the American people he “ended the war in Iraq.”  Pretty funny, huh?

Now the same thing is happening in Afghanistan.  People are kindly asked to forget that Iraq is now a crumbling mess due to sectarian violence and Afghanistan won’t be far behind.  Please also forget estimated costs of both wars is over $4-TRILLION dollars and 6,000+ American lives.  All those lives and all that money were pretty well wasted.

And now Obama is asking us to believe Obamacare is really ‘affordable’ to America?  If this liar told me the sun was shining – I’d go inside and get an umbrella.

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Why We Needed The ’60′s – Part 12

Friday, October 11th, 2013