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Thanks, Hilly

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

"You promise you won't think badly about Israel if we get you elected?"

Remember less than a year ago when Hillary Clinton was pushing Mohamed Morsi for President of Egypt? Reasonable people were saying “But Morsi’s part of the hard-line Muslim Brotherhood.  He’s being supported by al-Queda! He cares more about fundamentalist Islam and sharira law than about Egypt’s economy and citizen rights. Are you out of your friggin’ mind!?”

But Hilly knew best and Obama went along like a good puppy. Egypt had a close election and Morsi won. Obama immediately pledged $1.5 Billion dollars of military aid to the new leader.

Then, month after month, Morsi slammed fundamentalist Islamist changes into Egypt’s laws and culture.  Finally, most Egyptians had enough of this religious bullshit and threw Morsi out. An interim government was formed by the military and Morsi supporters threw huge protests to oppose it.  So now Egypt’s military is mowing down Morsi supporters and Brotherhood fanatics are getting murderous revenge and dead innocents are littering the streets.

As you watch the carnage in Egypt, please remember:  these Muslim wars may have broken out anyway – but now moderate Muslims know America stuck its interventionist nose into their internal affairs and they have another reason to hate us.

Thanks, Hilly. Every time I hear about one more dead Egyptian,  I’ll think of the picture above when you were gushing over a fanatic most people knew was going to be a disaster.

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