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War Supporters: Feel Stupid Yet?

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Our local paper’s lead editorial today featured the idea that President Obama’s military foreign policy has been successful. The writer must be tripping on acid! Here was my take at the end of last year:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai blamed the U.S. and NATO forces for some of the violence and corruption that is rampant in his war-torn country. Karzai bluntly criticized allied tactics, declaring that terrorists won’t be beaten “by attacking Afghan villages and Afghan homes.” He also said Afghans will not permit allied troops to stay past 2014 unless the U.S. turns over hundreds of detainees held at Bagram Air Base.

Currently Obama is negotiating for an extension of the 2014 pullout deadline. This ridiculous ploy is the same one he pulled in Iraq over that pullout deadline.  The Iraqis refused so we’ve kept 60,000 US “contractors” in the country.  Obama then gloated over his “double-win.” He claimed he ended the war in Iraq – and still kept a strong US “presence” in that country.  Looks like he gets to lie again about Afghanistan.

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