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Soul In The Minus Column

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

I used to inspire guys to dance at clubs. I’ll bet their thinking went, “Jeez if he can dance out there looking like a fool – so can I.” But even I could dance better than this guy!  Woman LOVE to dance.  Click here for “Dancing Not For Dollars.”

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

That's when the wheels fell off.

I was walking back to my apartment with my carry-out bag of salad, vegetables, and the best steak I’d eaten since the last time I ate at that dining spot. The steak was organic, grass-fed – absolutely delicious.  I walked by a bus stop about four blocks from home.  There were a few people around a blind man who lives in my building.  The problem was immediately apparent.  One of the large wheels of his cart fell off because he had overloaded it with a case of canned soda and the rest of his groceries.  He looked confused.

“Buddy,” I said, “I live in your building and I’ll help you get your cart back home.” He was very grateful.  I put the wheel into the cart … along with my take-home steak dinner.  I pushed it a few feet and then the other wheel fell off. So I started dragging this monster-heavy load on the little back wheels.  I felt muscle pulls in my back and my shoulder and quickly ran out of breath but what could I do?

When we finally got to the elevator, people helped me put everything in.  He got off at the 12th floor and said he could make it the rest of the way himself.  I doubted it but I was too exhausted to care.  Back in my apartment, I collapsed in my desk chair and noticed how hungry I was.  And then I remembered my steak dinner was in a broken cart, underneath wheels and the groceries of a guy whose name I did not know in a numberless apartment somewhere on the 12th floor.

Later I checked the security office to see if he turned it in – he hadn’t. I doubt if he’ll ever recognize me on the elevator because … well, he’s blind. And I sure won’t open my mouth.