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“Uh, You Guys Go First…I’ll Just Wait Here”

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

The Mrs.

Remember 3-years ago when a mine in San Jose, Chile collapsed and 33-miners were trapped for 69-days? Yesterday the investigation was closed without holding anyone responsible because of lack of evidence. The prosecutor could not determine the cause of the accident nor charge the mine owners or officials of the government mining safety agency – and there was no mention of Yonni Barrios.

Yonni, who was 50 at the time, was a Chilean miner who had mixed feelings about being rescued that day.  He knew loved ones would be allowed to rush up to the capsule when it emerged – but he didn’t know if he would be greeted by his wife of 28-years – or his longtime mistress.

The Miss-triss

When the Mrs. and the Miss found about each other in the mine’s dining center, they  got into a physical fight and had to be pulled apart.  Ironically, it was the Miss who informed the Mrs. about the mining accident weeks before.

Barrios was over his head in conflict but finally made a decision.  He told rescuers he wanted to be greeted by his mistress.

When the Mrs. learned this unhappy news, she left the mine site and asked for a divorce.  It seems the mistress got the miner – and the wife got the shaft.