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What About MRS. Carlos Danger* ?

Friday, July 26th, 2013

In the most recent Carlos Dangerfield episode, people have been babbling about Anthony Weiner’s wife: – how pathetic – a weak woman clinging on to someone who doesn’t love her – being used and abused in public, blah, blah, blah.  I think that’s all horseshit.  It’s also an indication of how superficial America is.

Has anyone considered that Ms. Weiner might NOT EVEN CARE what Tony Baloney does sexually? He may even have her permission! I’m sure this smart, professional woman wishes she had a more intelligent, less-embarrassing husband but that surely doesn’t mean they have a traditional, Norman Rockwell marriage.

Many people have non-traditional marriages.  We just don’t know about them.  This one may be based on companionship, a deep feeling that their kids should have a Mother and Dad, or even (hear me, Hillary?) political expediency.  We don’t know if Ms. Weiner has a more important, mutually agreed-upon lover to whom she turns for love and physical intimacy.  Actually, I hope she does.  But do you know what?


* “Carlos Danger” is the ridiculous name Anthony Weiner used for his electronic, sexual escapades.

Killing “My Way”

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Karaoke is big in the Philippines. In America, it’s often performed by a staggering drunk trying to sing to the machine with a mike in one hand, a bottle in another, and intoxicated with mad delusions of talent.  You’d better not try that in the Philippines which takes its karaoke seriously – sometimes, deadly seriously.

Karaoke machines are all over the nation in streets, grocery stores, and sometimes, even standing alone on country roads.  Unfortunately, all of this singing is not universally appreciated by everyone in the country – not even by other karaoke singers.  Arguments, brawls, stabbings, fights, and even an occasional murder are common.

The reasons? People criticizing others’ singing, alcohol, crowding, and machismo all contribute to the chaos.  But the unquestioned leading cause of the killings is Frank Sinatra’s classic hit, “My Way” – and no one seems to know the reason why.  Many karaoke bars have eliminated the song from their play books and most singers won’t even try to warble it.

Imagine, old Blue Eyes can still start a barroom brawl years after his death.

Deaths-by-karaoke are not limited to the Philippines. In the last two years,  a Malaysian man was fatally stabbed for hogging the microphone at a bar and a man from Thailand murdered eight people after the group sang John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Now, I can understand the Thai man – but the rest seem mighty strange.

(BTW: Orange was Frank Sinatra’s favorite color.)