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Go On, Legalize MMA – Who Gives A Shit?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Once again, the New York State Assembly knocked down a bill to legalize professional mixed martial arts. MMA is a full body contact sport that allows the use of boxing, wrestling, and martial art techniques from a wide variety of combat sports.  I’m told it’s usually bloody and much more exciting to watch than competition focusing on one sport.  Although most states allow it, New York thinks it’s too brutal – or the right people haven’t been paid off in the proper amounts yet.

Unlike dogfighting, bull fighting, and cockfighting, MMA features willing, human adults who’ll risk a few teeth, broken bones, and possibly worse for prize money.  Why does the state have any say in this at all?  The government is supposed to protect individual rights as long as those rights don’t interfere with the rights of others.  My only concern is these guys should be forced to get their own private medical insurance and not expect one dime from taxpayers to support their adventures.

If these dolts want to risk their lives because some gomers are willing to pay to see it, I say, knock yourselves out.

These Twinkies Smell Like Fish

Friday, July 19th, 2013