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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

If Trayvon Martin Was Shot By A Black Kid …

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

… You Wouldn’t Even Know His Name

In American cities, about 50 young, Black kids under 17 are killed EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Over 90% of them are murdered by other Black kids – mostly by illegal handguns (about which the proposed gun laws can do nothing.)  Does anyone care?

We hear about the same culprits every time: gangs, drugs, poverty, lack of jobs, and poor education.  We see on television the same sad scenes of grieving relatives, curbside memorials, and devastated people with homemade “Stop the Violence” signs. So now the unusual case of a wannabe cop and a murdered Black kid pops up and everyone with a cause wants to have a minute on TV.

Nobody is “targeting” young Black kids – except other Black kids.  And THAT’S tragic.

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4-More Die From Powerpoint

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Would PowerPoint have helped Lincoln?

As many of you know, in real life, I’m a consultant for business presentations. I write them, analyze them, and coach presenters on how to make Great Presentations.  “Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion” really has nothing to do with my business site which you can find here:

You’ll learn right away I don’t like PowerPoint.  I suggest my clients use it (if necessary) in the MIDDLE of their presentations.  Unfortunately, PP has spread to every aspect of presentations featuring: 1) too much information presented in a long, dull way, and 2) hiding lousy presenters from audiences.  Dull presenters think they can put their entire presentation on PowerPoint with no actual audience/human interaction.  They should just stay home and send the PowerPoint.

PowerPoint was originally designed for the Macintosh computer in the late 1980′s by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin. They thought the visual aids would help the presenter by organizing and displaying short points of vital information.  Today they are disheartened to know their simple tool has malignantly grown into the “star” of virtually all presentations leaving the speaker less important than a backup cord.

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