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Meat Art Is So Weird

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

The Sky Didn’t Fall Last Night

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

10:00 pm EST – 7 on the West Coast. It was perfect timing for a riot on a muggy Saturday night.  Hot, frustrated people were in the streets, on porches, and going to bars waiting for the George Zimmerman verdict.  Extremists on the right had already talked themselves into a conspiracy between the government and the Liberal media to find Z guilty so inner-city America wouldn’t explode in a violent frenzy.

On a social media site before the verdict I read,  “I suspect that the looters already have their targets scoped out and they’re just waiting for a not guilty verdict to get their new TV’s, stereos, cell phones, etc. plus restock the bar.”  How sad.

There were a few protests, windows broken, and small street fires in Oakland, California – but nothing like the paranoids feared.  You must remember many of these same people were afraid of the Commies in the ’50’s, Blacks and hippies in the ’60’s, Muslims before and after 911, Gays for a quarter of a century, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and Latoya Jackson’s nipple.

There may be marches and protests for Trayvon Martin after last night but I think most people are just tired of the whole thing.  Spontaneous, bursting anger across the country just didn’t happen.

Right wingers, check under your beds now and then get some sleep.

Are they out there yet?