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Written Out Of The Sides Of Their Mouths

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

OK, that’s it.  I just stopped reading the third of three books I checked out of the library – yesterday! If a book doesn’t engage me quickly, I put it down and go to the next one.  But there is no ‘next one’ in this group because they all sucked.  I have to go back to the library again tomorrow.

I know – it was my fault; I rarely read fiction.  You can quickly tell fiction from non-fiction because there are no pictures but I carried them home anyway.

These last three seemed OVER written to me.  Like this one guy looked for “a marriage certificate on a woman’s finger.”  OK – I get it, a wedding ring.  But that shit starts to get annoying to me page after page.  Another guy “wouldn’t be wasting any more of our world’s oxygen.”  Blehhh – he died, right?  Often there are too many characters of whom I can never keep track – and the plots are so cutesy complicated, I lose my place in the story. I rarely read a surprise ending because by that time, the book’s back on the library’s shelf.

Today was the worst!  I’m reading about some guy in an office who goes to some dark and frightening place and then comes back to his desk when everyone has gone home.  He fell asleep, right?  Wrong!  He’s a vampire – a friggin’ VAMPIRE!  There wasn’t anything on the cover that said anything about vampires.  I don’t believe in vampires and I don’t want to read any books about vampires.

Tomorrow I’m getting some books on the Kennedy assassination even if I’ve read them before -twice.


Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

When vote-begging politicians start pushing their anti-abortion agenda, they whip their zealots into a froth. Few issues are as emotionally contentious as abortion.  If you plug your ears from the shouts and close your eyes to the bloody fetus signs, you might be able to calmly consider some facts.

Most of the rancor today surrounds “late term” abortions – those which occur after 21- 24 weeks of pregnancy.  As the data from the Center for Disease Control shows, these account for about ONE-PERCENT of abortions in America.

Anti-abortion advocates believe every child should be born to loving couples who plan the event with excitement.  I certainly agree.  But back here on Planet Reality, that is often not the case.  Sex education, birth control, and Plan-B have reduced the number of unwanted pregnancies and can reduce them even more – but zealots don’t want to talk about that.  They have a different agenda despite their disingenuous blather.

I have written countless posts on abortions – just type ‘abortion‘ into my search box.  Right now it’s just too boring to discuss again.