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Coming Out In Archie Comics

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Riverdale High got a new student – and he’s gay.

Kevin Keller is the hunky blond classmate who was introduced in September of 2010. He immediately told Jughead why he’ s not interested in Veronica (not knowing she’s a lesbian anyway):

“It’s nothing against her! I’m gay!” he explains.

“I like Judy Garland movies too!” Jughead replies.

Archie Comics’ co-CEO, Jon Goldwater, said the recurring character is being introduced because “we want to make sure Riverdale is a very inclusive place. We want to make sure everyone’s included in Archie’s world.”

I’ll say it’s inclusive!  When Archie found out that Betty and Veronica were secret lovers, he immediately started going out with Josie, a Black woman.

Although the ultra-trendy classmates seem pretty smart about things  (Miss Grundy teaches safe sex) no one can ever explain why these dolts haven’t graduated from high school in over 70-years.

Tomorrow: Veronica And Betty To Wed


Monday, July 8th, 2013