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Egypt: Another Obama/Clinton Failure

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Are you catching the news about Egypt’s new revolution? Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was thrown out of office and a temporary government has been set up.  Millions of Egyptians decided he was focusing too much on radical Islamic fundamental changes and not enough on issues like the economy.  Obama waffled out by saying we’re not taking sides in this.

Horseshit!  Besides supporting Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s longtime dictator who could not even spell human-rights for over 30-years, we pushed for the election of hard line Muslim fundamentalist Morsi.  Obama also insisted we send him $1.6-billion dollars of aid since 2011 despite two Congressional attempts to stop him.

And why, oh why, did SOS Hilly push so hard for him?  She was all impressed that Morsi signed a 30-year contract not to attack Israel.  Agreements like that are the first things to go up in smoke in Mideast wars.  But it seems Little Mary Sunshine forgot that and decided Egypt needed some extra helpings of radical Islam despite its treatment of women.

How can Hilly square her loud stands on womens’ rights and still support groups which oppress women?  Hey, when you want to be President, you’ll do practically anything.  You’ll even sleep with Bill Clinton again!


Thursday, July 4th, 2013

“Basha the Jungle Girl” was the ultimate carnival hustle. Now you KNOW they can’t turn a girl into a gorilla –  so it wasnt’t a question of IF they were  going to scam you – it was just a question of HOW?

A bunch of us high school kids stood near the tent opening  wondering whether it was worth a buck to see the Basha transformation.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion in the tent and about thirty people ran screaming and laughing out of the conveniently-opened  side flap.  “Go in, go, hurry!” they said, “It’s unbelievable!” We could hardly wait to push our sweaty dollars into the ticket taker’s hands.  The tickets only had two words printed on them, “No Refunds.”

Once inside the hot, pitch black tent with another thirty “customers”, a dim red light started to glow on the small stage. It highlighted a woman who was either highly agitated and pulling out her hair – or giving herself a shampoo. You could barely see a thing so, of course, the crowd pushed closer and closer to get a dollar’s worth of thrill.

The woman quietly moaned as jungle music started to play. Then, BANG! – a loud explosion! – a lot of screams, a bright spotlight in our eyes – and then this goofy, growling guy in a cheap gorilla suit ran right into the crowd!  Everyone started running through the open tent flap, laughing and screaming as we went and telling the people outside “Oh, yes! you HAVE to see this!”

I never had so much fun for a dollar in my life!