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Manipulation Of The Nation

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Someone took offense that I called the mainstream media the propaganda branch of our government. He thinks the media is the “watchdog” of our government.  He’s a little simple in the head.

Think of how your political opinions are formed.  You see or read reports of specific events written by news people from “sources.”  The bigger the medium, the more important sources it has.  Because they reach a much larger audience – in tens of millions – mainstream news outlets also get special perks like a 45-minute “exclusive” interview with the President. Brian Williams, of NBC News just had one.  These perks are good for ratings which spawn advertising revenues.

How do people like Williams decide on what to say each night?

Take government surveillance for example.  This is a HUGE story!  It seriously affects the rights of all Americans plus our allies plus the UN.  But it STINKS for the government – it makes them look bad.  So what do they do?  They spin the story so the focus is on Edward Snowden instead of the issues on which he whistleblew. Snowden stories are then “released” by our government and head the evening news.

We hear about Snowden every day – every detail of his sad plight.  Interviews on is he a hero? or a traitor? Who’ll give him asylum? Where is he now? What about his passport?  And on and on.  What do we NOT hear about or debated? Government spying on its own citizens – the main issue.

But we have freedom of the press!  Couldn’t Brian Williams go on and talk about the “real” story?  Of course he could.  But he’d also have to start looking for a new job with no Presidential perks as he’s ignored in the press plane with a seat next to the lavatory.