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Sure I’ll Listen – I’m Your Friend

Monday, July 1st, 2013

No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up.

Obama has blown it again. Besides pushing the Bush unwinnable war in Iraq and escalating  the unwinnable Afghanistan war, he’s also responsible for many other debacles. Obama promised “transparency” in our government.  He lied.

Remember Libya and then the Bengazi coverup? Sending arms to the rebels of Syria?  All “secret” – until they were discovered and he couldn’t lie anymore. How about Hilly and he pushing for Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?  And now millions of Egyptians hate the US even more.

Remember when he went against his domestic political enemies with IRS audits?  Or how he had  the Justice Department seize the phone records of Associated Press news reporters he didn’t like?  Guantanamo? Drones? The sweeping secret court order that authorized the FBI to seize cell call records of nearly all Americans?

And now this: spying on our own allies and the UN. The main members of the European Union are disgusted with Obama and with good reason.  The US defense?  “DAMN SNOWDEN!”  No apologies; no new courses in electronic surveillance or war policies – just blame Snowden the messenger for making these messes transparent.

Whatever Bush started in his administration, Obama could have ended in his.

O-Beliebers, it’s time to admit the “King has no clothes.” He’s a disaster.

*** Do you think I’m exaggerating our allies’ outrage over US surveillance?  Check out some newspapers here and around the world: