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You Will Yawn In The Next 60-Seconds

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

You yawn to get more oxygen into your body or push out carbon dioxide, right? Wrong.  It may be a small part of the reason but actually scientists don’t know what causes yawns.  People do yawn more at bedtime and when they’re listening to boring people but that doesn’t necessarily explain why your brain would need more oxygen.

Studies have shown many paratroopers yawn before their first jump, as do actors before going on stage, and athletes before competing. These aren’t boring situations in peoples’ lives.  Yawns may also induce body stretching for physical exertion.

One of the newest yawning theories is the “hot brain” idea.  Our brain works best in a narrow temperature range and yawning may increases blood flow to move heat away from it in some cases.

Yawns are contagious and they’re “spread” by the people closest to you. Members of your family can get you to yawn most, followed by friends, acquaintances and lastly strangers. When my cat starts yawning, I’m quick to follow but I can’t make her yawn.

What can you do to stop a yawning attack?  A cold compress or ice on your forehead usually does the trick but this is inconvenient in business meetings and kind of breaks the mood when you’re in bed with your lover.