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No Shit, Sherlock

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

The FBI and local Detroit police have now given up the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s body after two days with 30 law enforcement professionals and cadaver dogs.  No cost for the taxpayers is being mentioned but one estimate puts it at over $500,000.

Eating Your Dirty Soup In Public

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Dig in!

There’s a new food delicacy in Japan bringing customers closer to the earth: dirt.  “Ne Quittez Pas” – which means ‘Never Leave’ – is an upscale French restaurant in Tokyo that features ground round – in this case, the ground beneath your feet.

World-renown Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa features his signature dish, soup of the soil, along with salad with dirt dressing, dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass, and even dirt ice cream with dirt gratin.  A “taster” plate costs $110.

Narisawa makes his specialty by chopping up burdock root, pan-frying it with dirt, then simmering and straining the resulting mixture.  It’s heated without any additional salt or seasoning.  Supposedly it tastes like potato broth – not chicken.  And it’s really not a new idea.

Geophagy—the technical term for eating dirt—occurred throughout history and around the world without the need for top-end, fancy soil. Most dirt-eaters prefer a certain kind of clay which is often baked and nibbled with a pinch of salt. Although it was common in India and Africa, there were even regions in the southern United States in the 1800’s that used dirt as a food. In America, the idea was probably taken from Africa by slaves.

Not only is dirt edible, it may be good for health reasons.  You can even buy it online: