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“You Really Love Me? Then Don’t Push Me.”

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

If boys got pregnant – maybe they’d be more concerned with the consequences.

The rate of teenage pregnancy and abortions is going DOWN in this country. Although we still lead the Western world by far, the US Center for Disease Control says early sex education and more easily-accessible birth control are the reasons for the decline.

But most parents still have a hard time talking about sex with their kids.  Since they’re uncomfortable with the subject themselves, their discussions usually are limited to “don’t do it.” This doesn’t do much for the kids – or respect for their parents.

Sex education courses often are “organ recitals” because they can’t talk about “values” and they mostly don’t give girls or boys the tools they need to make their own decisions like the phrase above.

The Chicago Department of Public Health has a different idea.  It just launched a strong ad campaign aimed at preventing teen pregnancy.  Their simple words:

“Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are. Avoid unplanned pregnancies and STIs. Use condoms. Or wait.”