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They Shoot Hookers Don’t They?

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Just a dead hooker with a dissatisfied customer.

In Texas they do – and it’s legal.

On Christmas Eve 2012, Ezekiel Gilbert of San Antonio, Texas hired a hooker from Craigslist to have sex with him.  He paid her $150 but she refused to have sex.  So like any other frustrated loser who can’t get laid, he pulled out a gun and blasted her in the neck.  Lenora Frago, 21, died after spending months on life support.

(Shrug) – what’s the problem?  The guy is obviously just another piece of street trash who caught a 2nd degree murder or manslaughter conviction and is now off the street – right?

Wrong.  Last week a Texas jury acquitted Ezekiel of any charges.  Why? Gilbert’s lawyer cited an obscure Texas law which allows for “deadly force” to “retrieve stolen property at night.”  The unbelievably broad law allows deadly force in protection of any piece of “tangible” or “movable” property (in this case, $150.)  The Texas provision also authorizes deadly force to prevent someone who is fleeing immediately after a theft as long as the individual “reasonably” thinks the property cannot be protected by other means.

So “loser” gets to kill “hooker” over his lousy $150 – legally.

Draw your own conclusions about Texas “justice.”