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O’s Bad President Impersonations

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Many people voted for Obama in 2008 because they intensely disliked the policies of George Bush. Obama was the Un-Bushwa – until he got elected.  Then he continued the Bush unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In fact, he double-downed on the Afghanistan war.

Obama promised “transparency” in our government.  He lied.  Was our involvement in Libya transparent? How about sending arms to the rebels of Syria?  In both cases Obama originally denied we were involved.  Of course we were – it was just secret.  Just like Obama said he wouldn’t do.

Obama acted like Richard Nixon when he went against his political enemies with IRS audits.  He  created a bureaucratic  environment where the ends justified the means. Top IRS officials thought they’d get a little pat on the head if they kicked his political foes in the balls.

Nixon hired his “plumbers” to go after “leaks” which resulted in what we now know as Watergate.  Obama goons in the Justice Department seized the phone records of Associated Press news reporters to discover who was leaking. What’s the difference?

Bengazi was a screwup any President could have made.  But few Presidents would have choreographed the coverup as well as Obama.  He was also willing to throw Susan Rice under the bus with State Department bullshit he KNEW was bullshit.

Guantanamo? Drones? O lied as well LBJ ever did.  And now we have the sweeping secret court order that authorized the FBI to seize cell call records of nearly all Americans.  Obama put Bush’s Patriot Act on steroids!

Our first Black President has taught us a good lesson about equality.  Barrack Obama can fuck us with the best of the white ones.