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We Just Can’t Mind Our Own Business

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) is an organization created by our government "furthering democracy" and paid for by US taxpayers. We have hundreds of these groups in nearly 80 countries.

What if  small groups were actively working to drive from office the government of the United States? What if these groups were Communist, Muslim, or Socialist and all of the employees were foreign nationals being paid by foreign governments?

Do you think our government would allow this for very long in the name of democracy?

The Egyptian government of Muslim Brotherhood thugs will no longer tolerate foreign groups that “promote democracy” (a handy euphemism for ‘anti-government’ and CIA nests.)  On Tuesday, 43 foreigners including 16-Americans were convicted for what the transitional government said was illegal interference in the nation’s affairs. Many were “encouraged to leave Egypt” after paying a small fine of $143.

Of course a large group of American politicians like Senators, Congressmen, and Secretary of State John Kerry are whining like crazy.  They figure our estimated $1.3 billion dollar a year foreign aid to Egypt plus our sale of military weapons should buy us a say in how they run their government.  Does the Constitution say we can stick our nose into running other countries even if we pay them off?

I have a wild idea – why don’t we stop our foreign aid with strings and leave the running of Egypt to Egypt? It just might free up some time and money to put our own house in order.