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Chase Death Enough And It’ll Catch You

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

For years we’ve seen the shaky videos of impending disasters with the adrenaline-laced shouts of storm-chasers dancing around death. There were so many of these nitwits on one Oklahoma highway before the last storm, there was a traffic jam.  A number of them were killed by the 165-mph winds including a few television show professionals.  Oh well.

The stark reality is that there’s little information storm-chasers can add to the vast, scientific data of warnings for imminent  tornadoes.  With satellites, computers, Doppler radar, meteorologic evidence, and inside weather forecasters, what tiny bit of storm knowledge could be added that’s worth a human life?  Basically these people have given their lives in the name of thrills and television news images – most of which we’ve seen countless times before.

There are heroes in natural disasters.  Some examples are school teachers who throw themselves over their crying students as walls come crashing down. But storm chasers aren’t in this league.  Storm chasers are like extreme bungee jumpers who’ve managed to add a bit of scientific justification to their sport.