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Why We Needed The ’60’s – Part 23

Monday, May 20th, 2013

(Notice the only person NOT clapping is the blond in the lower left.  She’s just nodding her … uh …head.)

Students Of Conformity

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Massive student protests were the fuel that ignited the end of the war in Vietnam. Earlier, sit-ins, demonstrations, and voter-registration – all led by students – destroyed legal segregation in the United States.  Today the only things against which students protest are tuition hikes and dorm curfews.

What happened to social consciousness?

The world has always looked to university students to lead the way in cultural and political revolutions.  Young, idealistic, and often altruistic, students have the time and energy to educate and organize huge numbers of people for a cause.  Why aren’t they doing that today?

I know the economy and getting jobs are big factors but I suspect there’s a larger one: a spoiled, self-centeredness that is more comfortable playing video games than challenging the establishment.  The military-industrial complex has students right where they want them: quietly accepting conventional wisdom (like unwinnable wars) in their heads – and taking anal beer bongs up their asses.