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Don’t I Recognize You From Somewhere?

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Erin Cooke, 24

Phone (602) 564-6793 Cell (602) 445-7683
Paralegal at Parin, Louck & Smith – 10 months – $32,000/year – no sick days to date – 1 ‘Satisfactory’ review.
Not Religious
No Arrest Record
Rents 1-bedroom apartment 898 Parkes Street,  Penner, Ma. $665/month all utilities included
Drives 2008 Subaru – License Plate: AUR-2095
Indoor cat named ‘Mario’
Graduated from Amherst 2010 – 3.1 average – English major – Sociology minor.

Single-Never married; 2-long term relationships – 3 & 5 years; 10-short term relationships including 2-one night stands; 2-overnight lovers during Spring Break, San Padre Island, Texas, 2009. 1-reported 3-some including another woman same vacation.
Takes birth control pills and anti-anxiety medication – Dolphin tattoo on right buttocks.

Drinks alcohol – occasionally to excess; no other drugs.
CAUTION: Herpes reported 2008 – SAFE SEX RECOMMENDED

This information is fiction but the technology is not.  Within 2- or 3-years reports like this based on face recognition and immediate links to huge data bases will be available with the click of a button across a crowded bar.   The report could be read quickly from the inside of a contact lens without breaking eye contact.

I’ll bet there are companies right now working on technologies to block facial recognition recordings.  At least I hope there are.