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Obama’s Enemies List

Monday, May 13th, 2013

"Your President is not a crook."

During his presidency, Richard Nixon had his aides prepare a list of people who were threats to his administration or whom he just didn’t like. There were Congressmen and Senators, Liberal media people, and even movie stars.  Actor Paul Newman said making the list was “the greatest accomplishment of my life.”

The Senate Watergate Committee heard testimony from Nixon aides saying the enemies list would also show how they could “use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”  The IRS was just one tool in their arsonel.

Now we discover the IRS under President Obama targeted the Tea Party and other Conservative groups for audits.  Of course Obama says he doesn’t know anything about it.  That’s a line popularized by another Chicago gangster, Al Capone.  Obama also said he had no hand in aiming sequestration cuts (like cancelling White House Tours) at ordinary citizens to make them angry at Congress.  Right.

I’m amazed anyone is surprised about this.  Washington runs on the politics of helping your friends and screwing your enemies. Anyone who believes political hacks have any real sense of  democracy or political altruism has been watching too much TV.  These political newbies also probably think the cow really did jump over the moon.