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I Hope These Aren’t Real (the tattoos)

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

A few summers ago, I saw a man with this tattooed on his arm: “I Love (excised skin and ugly scar) Forever.  How sad!  I thought of all the pain through which he must have gone – the pain of getting the tattoo, the hangover from tattoo night, the breakup with (excised skin and ugly scar,) and then the painful removal of his Forever Lover’s name. If he asked me for advice, I would have told him to just find another lover with the same name.

Sorry About The Rape – Where’s My Kid?

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Disgusting Date Rape Fashion Ad

Most rape victims don’t want to socialize with their attackers and talk about old times. These women have lived through the traumatic experience of rape, discovered they became pregnant by the crime, decided to keep their babies, testified in court against the rapist, and watched him convicted and sentenced.  After having their babies, I cannot imagine the horror they feel when the rapist sues for custody and visitation rights of his victim’s child.

Yet in 31 US states, the convicted rapist can do just that. He has the same rights as any other man legally challenging the custody of his children.  Worse, this very real threat can be held over a victim’s head to pressure her into not pressing charges against him.

There are many stupid laws on the books today but this has to be among the worst!

Every state prohibits a criminal “benefitting” from a crime.  They don’t get to keep stolen goods, freeze fraudulent money into their accounts, or get back drugs seized by police.  Most states prohibit them from profiting from books or movies about their crimes or the sale of “works of art” like paintings.

How in the world did this law protecting their “benefit” – slide by reasonable people?