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With The Help Of A Higher Power

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Bengazi: On And On And On ….

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

OK – we got it. Obama and Hillary Clinton fucked up Bangazi and then tried to cover it up.  Got it.

WHAT!?! A President made lousy decisions, tried to cover them up, and then was discovered to the delight of his political opponents?  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!  ARE THEY PLAYING DIRTY POLITICS IN OUR SACRED NATION’S CAPITOL?  WTF! This has NEVER happened before…….(except for every other administration in history.)

As usual, the Republican sniveling whiners have great plans for our country’s future: elect us in the 2016 election so we can stumble down the exact same path as the dismal Democrats. SOS-DP. Same old shit – different party.

The GOP 2016 campaign slogan might as well be “No New Ideas But At Least We Didn’t Fuck Up Bengazi.”

The truth is they are as responsible for Bengazi as every other lying, flag-waving, political hack who continues to push us into Mideast Muslim civil wars like Libya and all the other ones. America continues to think we have some divine right to interfere with other nations’ affairs.  Bengazi isn’t the problem – it’s a symptom of the problem.  The problem? US interventionism – and there’s enough blame to go around for Democrats AND Republicans.

Would you like to see in which countries we’ve acted like “The Sheriff of the World”?  It’s amazing. Go here: