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Is She Also Smuggling Drugs?

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Mattel had to know it was stepping into it – maybe that was the point. As part of its “Dolls of the World” collection, the toy company recently released the Mexico Barbie Doll.  Many Mexicans were not thrilled with the doll’s chihuahua … or her passport.  They said it reinforced silly cultural stereotypes and made light of the immigration politics currently being discussed in Congress.  Actually all “World Barbies” have passports – how else would they get into America?

For over 50-years, Barbie has been politically incorrect.  It’s been pointed out that if her measurements were translated into human terms, the poor woman would topple over for being  too busty and her small abdomen could not carry all of our internal organs.

I think people should get a grip and remember Barbie is just a toy – not a true representation of reality.  And the Mexicans should be happy with the chihuahua.  Hell, India Barbie Doll has to walk around with a damn monkey!

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