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Tea Time In Acidonia

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Thank You, Ambassador Rodman

Monday, March 4th, 2013

North Korean President Kim Jong Un loves basketball. A film crew which wanted to do a documentary in their country figured the North Koreans would let them in if they brought former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman.  They were right. In North Korea, Rodman met Un and they even enjoyed a basketball game together.

The tight-asses at the White House and State Department threw a mega shit-fit. “He doesn’t represent the United States!” hissed an official tight-ass.

No shit, Sherlock. For over 60-years our country has not even recognized North Korea much less talk to them. And what a successful policy that has been! (Heavy sarcasm font) It’s as successful as the ones we employ with Iran and Cuba.

Remember the Republican primary follies last year? A moderator asked, “What should our policy be towards Iran?” Five or six of the old farts started shaking their fists and frothing at the mouth to see who could be the baddest M-F-er.

Then it was Libertarian Ron Paul’s turn. “How about stopping the rhetoric and open up trade relations with them?” Of course that earned him the wrath of all the heavy-handed hawks who’ve been leading this country from foreign disaster to disaster since WWII.

What does North Korea want from us?  Read my take here:

To me ‘negotiations and trade-with-any-country’ aren’t blasphemous words.  Compared to the foreign policy mess we have now, they make a lot of sense.