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They Score More Than They Do In Hoops

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

The Rochester, NY City School District is beginning to distribute free condoms on Monday. There is an “opt-out” choice for parents and each student who receives the free condoms must sign a form every time he or she takes them.  The purpose of the program is to slow the spread of teenage pregnancies and STD’s.  I’ve been advocating this idea for years.

Surprisingly, the maximum number of condoms each student is allowed daily is 10.  TEN!!!  When shocked parents and media asked school administrators about this outrageous number, they were told it was based on a successful, 20-year program in New York City schools. Also, if the students ask for the maximum a few days in a row, they will be talked to by counselors to see if they’re giving them to friends or have “problems.”

Wow!  If kids actually need them ten times a DAY, medical science should take their blood each week and sell it on the open market.  The profit from this alone should take care of school taxes for the entire district.

Besides being amazed, I’m a little jealous.  My own personal daily best (in Junior High School) was FIVE.  I just wish there was a nice girl around to enjoy them with me.

US To Take Over Africa

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Obama's best buddies.

From the New York Times

“U.S. Opens Drone Base in Niger, Building Africa Presence

WASHINGTON — Opening a new front in the drone wars against Al Qaeda and its affiliates, President Obama announced on Friday that about 100 American troops had been sent to Niger in West Africa to help set up a new base from which unarmed Predator aircraft would conduct surveillance in the region.

The new drone base will join a constellation of small airstrips in recent years on the continent, including one in Ethiopia, for surveillance missions flown by drones or turboprop planes designed to look like civilian aircraft.”

The United States controlled the Mideast for over a century with our puppets, dictators, military equipment, and cash. But these days, things aren’t going well for us over there.  So how do we continue our God-given right of Manifest Destiny? The answer is clear to our first African-American president – Africa!

Whatever good things Obama did in his Presidency – and Christ knows there have been very few – will forever be overshadowed in history by his arrogant war policies. This dweeb makes George W. Bush look like friggin’ Ghandi.