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Hey Paul – Can I Use Your Picture?

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Paul when he was a child model for some milk company.

Believe it or not, I know some classy people. I know artists, musicians, web designers, and writers.  OK – so I just know two people who are all these things and nobody else with class.  I’ve known Paul since high school and he set up this blog for me six-years ago although he’ll deny it today. His wife, Peggi is about the nicest and most talented person I’ve ever met.  If you like music, you should click on the link below to Paul’s blog, “PopWars” and then click on anything that says “Margaret Explosion.” Their music is unique. (I love ‘Juggler’)


Defense Department Disaster Drivel

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta  is crying and wailing about the mandatory cuts to our defense budget forced by the March 1st Sequester. Many experts think it will be around 5%.  Although it does not include military personnel, Leon and his PR Generals say the cuts are “devastating,” and “puts America in danger of being attacked.”

What horseshit! Can you imagine ANY department in the US government which does not have 5% in waste, overpays, and fraud?  C’mon!  This is the department that bought $600 toilet seats and spent $25 EACH for hundreds of thousands of cans of Coca-Cola in Iraq.

• The Defense Department also spends a few hundred million dollars each year on its 234 golf courses.

• For non-golfers, the military maintains ski lodges and resorts – even one in the Bavarian Alps.

• DoD has close to 1000 Generals (The “Military Nobility”) each with his own personal private jet and huge staffs including personal chefs, enlisted clothes launderers, luggage handlers, and boot polishers.

• A US military resort in Saudi Arabia has an entire entertainment complex, complete with a megapool, gym, bowling alley, horse stables, roller hockey rink, arcade, amphitheater, restaurant, and even a cappuccino bar.

• DoD also spends $500 million annually on Army, Navy, and Air Force marching bands not counting the crowd-pleasing Flying Angels.

The list goes on and on.  With the Department of Defense, the only people who don’t get outrageous, royal perks are our fighting forces and their families – and the taxpayers.