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Felix: Stooge For Insurance Companies

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

If You Buy Salt, You Should Have Insurance

We already know NYS State Legislator Felix Ortiz is a nitwit. He tried to introduce a salt restriction law on New York City restaurants two years ago and even Mayor Michael “No-Super-Size-Sugary-Drinks” Bloomberg said it was “ridiculous.”

Now he’s proposing a law demanding expensive insurance policies for anyone who wants to own a gun.  Say what?  That’s right, if Felix gets his way, a person who wants to buy a gun in New York would also need to purchase a one million dollar insurance policy.  How crazy is that?

Since the tragedies at Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook were all caused by legal, registered guns – taken from their owners by family members – who exactly would be suing whom?

Why would Ortiz introduce this silly bill knowing it has no chance of passing?  He’s simply trying to cash in on the anti-gun hysteria and since Brooklyn voters don’t hunt much, it won’t hurt him.  Also, after being shaken out of the no-salt limelight, Felix needs something new to get on TV.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if large insurance companies were shoveling cash into his re-election campaign.

Hey Felix, go pound salt (again.)


WARNING: 2nd Hand Salt: