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Worried About Rising Gas Prices?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Then you probably shouldn’t buy the Buggati Veyron, the fastest street car made.  With 16-cylinders, this beauty speeds up to over 250-miles per hour – over FOUR TIMES the legal speed limit in most of the US.  But it only has two seats, it’s a bitch on gas, and a new transmission costs about $125,000.  Price: $1.5 – $3 MILLION dollars.

Skanky People On Their Sleaziest Days

Monday, February 18th, 2013

72-Year Old Having Grandson’s Baby



Those of us who float in middle class respectability are usually spared the disgusting stories of police blotters. The reports, mug shots, and crime scene photos of repugnant incidents and repulsive acts just don’t fit into main stream media.

Drinks Drug Tea - Dismembers Friend

And that’s good – for most of us.  But there are people drawn to the macabre, bizarre, and gruesome.  Often they click on “The Weekly Vice” to satisfy their lust for the loathsome.  This reassures some of us that we’re not all that bad.  You may say, “Well, I did throw a cup of hot coffee at my boyfriend’s face – but at least I didn’t chop off his head and roll it down the street!”

Teacher Fired After Sex and Drug Tweets


Judge Orders End of Incest Relationship

Run Downs Waitress Over Bill